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Title Search

Professional Searched and Prepared Title Work

Tim is a three decade member of Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. He performs his own LaSalle County Recorder searches with Sandra expertly inputting Tim’s data into a complete Title Commitment, and, after closing, an Owner’s Policy. All our ATGF professional services are at competitive prices.

You can depend on us to do the title search

In any situation, having a title search completed is critically important when it comes to buying real estate. Even though you believe you are buying from someone with the ability to sell the property, there could be problems in the history of the property that may affect your investment.

Protect your investment

Trust Attorney Timothy J Creedon III to help you. With a comprehensive title search, you can feel good about your investment knowing that it is protected. Don’t assume anyone else is going to conduct a thorough search on your behalf. Make sure of it by hiring an attorney to represent you through the process.

Depend on us to be there for you

Call us today to discuss your legal needs. Let us provide you with accurate advice from a reliable, experienced attorney. With 30 years of experience, competitive rates, and a solid reputation, Timothy J Creedon III is an attorney you can trust to be by your side.

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